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Abhijeet Kini Illustrator
Greetings, web surfer! I'll keep it short and simple! Welcome to my site!

I am an illustrator-animator, running a creative service called ABHIJEET KINI STUDIOS, taking up projects ranging from animation, web and comics publishing. I have also started a merchandise line called KINI MERCH, along with my wife, Diksha, which has various products and quirky collectibles, featuring my art. Do check!

I have been illustrating for newspapers and magazines since 1999, starting off with Mid-Day, Timeout India, Timesgroup, and then going on to Hindustan Times, DNA, Tinkle and such others. My portfolio includes work on/with brands such as Kingfisher, ComicCon India, Parle, Titan and many more.

I have always been tilted towards the creative side of life, and I completely believe in doing what you love, and loving what you do! My profession therefore doesn't sound like a 'profession' to me, it's just more like the way I would love to exist. I have been drawing cartoons ever since I remember, all thanks to all the comic books that I have collected since I was maybe five years old (mom, dad, I owe ya!)

So, here's telling you again…look around. And if you'd want to drop in a mail, you can, at abhijeetkini@gmail.com

May the force be with you - Abhijeet
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