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Angry Maushi – the trilogy!


Angry Maushi – the trilogy! What started out as a slapstick take on the quintessential angry Mumbaikar turned out to be a much loved comic series!

Big thanks to all those who supported this indie venture by asking for it, sharing my updates on it and of course, spending money to buy it!

Angry Maushi is a socio-political satire, a take on anything and everything worth making fun of. Debuting at the Mumbai Comic Con Express 2011, the simple artwork of an angry Mumbai maushi got quite popular with the crowds, giving me the idea to go ahead and create a story arc around the character.

The comic series has fetched me 2 Comic Con India awards nominations, which to me is a huge deal, considering the indie nature of this series. I handle both the writing as well as the drawing of the comic, which has been a great experience for me personally. And to add to it all, the fact that we have sold out our stocks of Angry Maushi comics at various comic cons, all over India as well as in Dubai and Singapore, gives us a high like no other! Grab your copies today! Available on Amazon.in. (Mature Readers Only. Strong Language and Graphic Comic Violence)
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